✨B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S✨

You may notice that I type “we” a lot in posts and emails, yet I’m the only stylist at Curl Up & Dye with Emilee.

The “we” is including my amazing husband Ralph. Sure, it’s my name on the door and I am the one with the cosmetology license and performing all of the services, but Ralph is a major component for so many things at Curl Up & Dye with Emilee. He is the behind the scenes man who is my tech support, makes my ideas and visions come to reality, window frost installer (as pictured), delivers product if needed, tests men’s products for me, picks up supplies when I’m in a pinch and so much more.

Many of you haven’t ever got to meet Ralph in person. Mainly because he’s working his full time job (not related to the salon). Pretty much the only time he’s at the salon is when he’s there to get his haircut, to drop something off or fix, help clean or install something. He doesn’t usually come up to hang out because he knows he’ll be put on towel folding duty or something else. 🤣

Ralph is so supportive of our salon and such a huge help in anyway he can be. I just wanted to clarify who the “we” is when I post, email, or do videos and say that instead of “me” or “I”. He’s in this with me and I am so thankful for him.

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