✨Before, immediately after, & 1 hour after MICRONEEDLING w/ PRF & PRF undereye injections✨

My favorite little quarterly secret! So many of you ask what I do to get my skin glowing —

Here’s what I do –
A plethora of skincare twice a day with RETINOL — dysport quarterly — MICRONEEDLING with my own platelet rich fibrin (my own stem cells & growth factors) & undereye injections with my platelet rich fibrin 🤌🏻 — chemical peels twice a year

BUT THIS is my personal favorite. PRF is amazing & safe & natural — coupled with microneedling, it stimulates a ton of collagen, helps with fine lines, minimizes pores, give a glow, & tightens skin. Undereye PRF injections build a collagen matrix helping to thicken undereye skin & reduce appearance of darkness — 👌🏻

The benefits are endless & this is a perfect treatment for EVERYONE!

Tomorrow I will look pretty normal – very minimal downtime!🙌🏻