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Today’s topic that we all hear so often, how important it is to double cleanse, especially at night

❗️Please keep in mind that I don’t mean: the first cleanse is a make up wipes step nor at any point of your cleansing routine, should you use make up wipes at all

I posted recently why I don’t recommend to use any kinds of make up wipes

🌿The best steps to DOUBLE CLEANSE is Oil cleanser or Micelar Water to remove make up and oil, and then the second step is to use milk, foam or gel cleanser to remove sweat, dust, and any left debris.

❗️Do not forget to TONE your skin right after the double cleanse. Cleanser and TONER is the best duo for your complete skin’s cleansing routine, they go together like PB&J

I hope this post will help you to understand the importance to cleansing your skin at night and to cleanse it properly

If you have any questions, feel free to comment bellow or DM me

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