✨Hello loves.✨ I have been seeing adverse reactions to retinol in my guests’ skin and I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about this “miracle” ingredient, everyone is raving about.
For some Retinol may be a great ingredient to add into their skincare and for others not so.
Retinol is a form of EXFOLIATION and that if your skin is flaking, red, and irritated, you’ve been told that it means that the powerhouse product is working, and you just must push through to the other side of baby smooth skin, but there might be more to the story…

While it is true that the vitamin A derivative’s infamous retinization process and it’s not so pleasant side effects will cease for most after four weeks as the skin builds tolerance, one size DOESN’T fit all. For some, retinol (even in over-the-counter products) is just too strong
You must be very careful when choosing to go for Retinol, don’t go off and purchase a bunch of serums and creams with Retinol in it, just because it worked for your friend, or you constantly hear how amazing of an ingredient it is on social media…

Have your LICENSED Esthetician consult you and make that decision for you, but also be very careful with what Esthetician you are going for, their experience both in life with their own skin and additionally years of experience in this business may be the best route to go when choosing your Skin Expert

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