✨WORK✨I can honestly say I love my job.✨💗 I might even be a little obsessed with it. Pretty Lovely Teas has allowed me to simply just be ME. I know what you’re thinking…”this is so corny Meagan” but truly it’s been a liberating journey for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s work and a lot of it! There have been some not so fun moments, like spilling the entire Hot Chocolate Canister all over my car while on my way to a gig! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Or getting stuck behind two car accidents in the rain and sitting there for an hour while trying to get to a client’s house all the while only having 15 mins to set up an entire Tea party!! 😰 Or that time I broke a teacup, forgot my napkins, and got a flat tire all in one day! Total nightmare!! But some how I got through it and it’s been such an amazing ride. ✨ It’s work and we plan to do much more work for PLT. ✨🫖 More Tea, more treats, and more events!!✨💗 We can’t wait to share more in 2023! Cheers! ✨🫖 #prettylovelyteas #makeitprettyandlovely #work #2023 #afternoontea #teatime #cheers #catering #englishtea #teaparties #afternoontea #scones #nashville #tn #brentwoodtn #franklintn #curation #creation