🍵🍯All is CALM, all is bright. 🍵🍯

This season may be calm & peaceful for many of you. For others, it may be quite the opposite. I’m thrilled to share we have officially launched our new 🍵CALM – a RELAXING & RESTORING herbal loose leaf tea🍵. Paired best with local raw honey 🍯, this includes SIX top organic calming herbs.

🌿Chamomile: aids in reducing inflammation, relieving cold symptoms, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic pain, hemorrhoids, muscle spams, sleep and relaxation, ulcers, & improve skin health.

🌿Passionflower: Used traditionally as a calming & relaxing herb. May help reduce sleep irregularities, relieve anxiety, soothe stomach problems.

🌿Lavender: Traditionally considered a natural sleep remedy. May have an anti-anxiety & anti-depressive effect. Often used in treating stress, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, etc. Promotes calm & improves mood.

🌿Valerian Root: Commonly referred to as “nature’s Valium,” and is often used for its calming properties. May help improve the length & nature of rest and the body’s management day to day stress.

🌿Ashwagandha: May help reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol. As an adaptogen, it helps bodies cope and improve the overall well being. May help improve cognitive function, regulate blood sugar, support heart health.

🌿Spearmint: Promotes relaxation & alleviates stress. Maintains antioxidant related benefits. May help lower blood pressure, improve memory, & help with digestive issues.