🎉Procrastinators, rejoice!!🎉

Last-minute Valentine’s shoppers: I feel you. I know you. I am you. So I’m giving you one last chance to grab a unique and delectable gift for your sweetheart. (Or hey, if Miley can buy herself flowers, you can buy yourself whoopie pies, right??)
I have just a few Treat Boxes left, and because math and I don’t always get along, I have a bunch of the heart-shaped red velvet whoopie pies left. I also have just a few of the Sugar Cookie DIY kits, and you should know that I modified the recipe over the weekend and it’s even more delicious now.
For those whose partners may need a little hint or nudge in the right direction, just tag them in this post so you can get exactly what you want! And partners, if you’ve been tagged, your job is clear. Reach out and I’ll help you be a hero this Valentine’s Day!

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