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The Nashville Marathon will be here before we know it! Here lies the 16-week training program which will lead to race day on April 22nd!

Now, this program will require some foundation to start since the first long run in week-1 is already 6 miles. But, if you have the base, this is a solid program to prepare yourself for the big day!

As you can see, you will be running 4 days a week but the weekday runs stay pretty consistent with distance. In this program, you will have 1 long run which will fall on the weekend. With this long run, the distance will increase each week!

Strength and cross-training will still be very important through the next 16 weeks. It is essential for running! Please reach out with any questions and schedule your first session with Elevate615 to initiate the ideal strength program for you!
Stay well, Nashville and have a great weekend.

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