🗣REALTORS. For those who may not know my journey into real estate ->

I was a high school teacher for eight years, and during that time I also got my Master’s degree in counseling. I had every intention of counseling students in the education system, in an effort to show them that they’re all actually are adult who believe in them!

My wife was also a teacher, and when we had our daughter, she felt like her place was to be at home raising our children.

After some consideration and seeking wise counsel, we decided that was the picture of our family that we wanted to strive for.

So, she resigned from teaching and I desperately needed a way to fill the void of those finances.

I got my real estate license without really knowing anything about different brokerages or where I was going to work, but thankfully through a friend of mine I was introduced to @jasonmitchellgroup

@jasonmitchellgroup typically doesn’t bring on agents with zero experience, but after several intense interviews and conveying my situation and just how hungry that I was and my need to provide for my growing family, they took a chance on me. Thank God!

@jasonmitchellgroup is unlike any other brokerage in the world, thankfully. We are the largest broker to broker company in the United States and last year, as a company, we did over $3 billion in sales….billion, with a B!

Thanks to our highly qualified referrals, my very first year as a realtor, I closed 35 transactions! 35 families who I got to serve with excellence and class and be a major part of their story. Such an honor!

I talk with agents all the time, who are in their first year or even in their fourth or fifth year, and they aren’t closing anywhere near 35 transactions.

What we have at @jasonmitchellgroup is incredibly special and if you are an agent who wants to take your business to the next level and change your life and the life of your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by any means necessary.

Let’s grab coffee, let’s grab lunch, and let’s talk about how @jasonmitchellgroup can help you grow your book of business! Let’s make 2023 your best year yet!

DM or email me: tgoodeaux@jasonmitchellgroup.com