🥊🥊TONIGHT- JUNE 19th 7:30-8:30pm Introduction to AIM/Kickboxing

Join us for a 60 minute step by step AIM/Kickboxing HIIT Introduction Class. Have you been wanting to start a new fitness routine, but unsure where to start? Have you been curious about Kickboxing classes but not comfortable jumping into a full class? Maybe you’ve tried kickboxing but worry you aren’t doing it right or have trouble keeping up. This is for you!

What is AIM? AIM stands for Art in Movement Fitness, where we use a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Kickboxing and Body Weight Movements. These classes are designed to challenge your body to build strength and stamina, while getting a full body workout. Our AIM classes combine intervals of cardio bursts, body weight movements, kickboxing and stretching. Each class is different, constantly challenging you to push to your highest potential. Learn the basic kickboxing movements to feel comfortable jumping into a class and creating a healthy fitness routine and lifestyle, at Harvest, home, or wherever you workout.

In the class you will be introducted to striking and kicking and basic body weight movements. We will do a light warm up, practice on hand targets, punching bags (with gloves), and finish with stretching. Wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to move your body.

$30 per person, free week of Harvest Classes included.


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