3 Predictions for the Nashville Market for 2023:

This is probably the number one question I’ve been asked in January… what will 2023 look like? While no one can fully predict the future, these are 3 predictions I see happening this year in our market:

1.) It will be a busy spring market!
I’ve seen quite a bit of increased activity over the past 2 weeks as interest rates have dropped a bit and there is pent up buyer demand. If interest rates continue to drop or stay where they are at, I predict that spring will be busy!

2.) Nashville will still be a hot market for out of state buyers. Whether it’s clients relocating to the area or investor interest in AirBNB’s, Nashville is still an IT city!

3.) Buyers will still have strong interest in New Construction. As our market has shifted, we have more new construction inventory available, but many of my buyers still love and strongly desire a brand-new home.

What do you think will happen in 2023? What do you hope happens? I would love to hear from you!

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