A few years ago I was studying 1 & 2 Kings with some work friends and was reading through King David’s story. One specific part talks about how he lost a child before God gave him Solomon. When the child was sick, he prayed and pleaded with God to heal him. But God didn’t. Instead He called the child home. When David learned of the news, He got right up and went to the temple to worship God.

I’m sorry… what? David lost the child he begged and pleaded God to save, and the first thing he does is hop up and go worship the One who didn’t answer his prayer? Did I read that right?

Of course I did.

He didn’t wallow in pity. He didn’t shake his fist at Him. He didn’t judge the story God was writing for someone else because He allowed his child to die. He didn’t question or doubt God.


Instead, He accepted God’s will and went right back to praising Him. Despite his grief, he said, “You know what God? You know better than me. And I trust you. You are still so good.” Even in the midst of pain, his first instinct was to make his way right to the house of God and glorify Him.

I’m almost speechless. Tears seem to be the only response I can give. How desperately I’m working to be THIS beautiful example of faith. How much I want to live my life with my hands raised in glory no matter WHAT the circumstance. How great I desire to, no matter what, instinctively fall down at the feet of Jesus and say, “God, I trust you. No matter what the answer. No matter what the outcome. No matter the grief or doubt. You are good, your timing is perfect, and you know best for my life always. My life is Yours.”

You know what’s even more beautiful than David’s faith in this story? That the reason he had this faith was God and God alone. Without Him, David would have responded in an earthly way. Praise and worship would not have been his first instinct. But with God, it was. Because that’s what our God does. He takes what’s earthly and average, and makes it something beautiful that could ONLY point to Him.

Wow. It is an honor to serve you, God. An absolute honor. 💜