A quote requires minimal data and is often not a true number. To get an accurate RATE, here’s what we need to start on the auto insurance:

Declaration pages – “dec pages” for short.
Driver’s license information for each driver in the household.
Can you give us a clue about their driving record, please?

Do you need coverage for your home as well? Be prepared for a few questions like:

Any upgrades to the home such as a custom kitchen, renovations, etc.?
When were updates completed – Roofing, HVAC, plumbing, Electrical, etc.?
Any pools, hot tubs, or dogs?
Do you have an alarm system and is it monitored?

What Should You Expect Next?

We will review all the info you have sent us.
We will then shop all our carriers to see who is right for you.
We then get back to you with any additional questions.
We send you a personalized proposal.

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