After catching a ride with our friend Joe to the airport and picking up a car, Mariton and I headed out for lunch. Meat and threes are harder to find in Nashville, so we drove to Franklin to visit Bishop’s meat and three. These are the same owners as Hattie B’s, so not only do you know the food will be good, but you can also get hot chicken. Which is exactly what Mariton did. They do not have the Shut the Cluck Up, so she had to settle for the Damn Hot. My entree was the turkey and dressing and between the two us we split six sides, with sweet potato casserole and black eyed peas being the standout. They do have a nice selection of pies, but Mariton was in the mood for their custardy banana pudding. This was well worth the drive down to Franklin. #roadfood #roadfoodtennessee #franklintn #bishopsmeatandthree #hotchicken #damnhot #meatandthree