Both strength training and aerobic training have an important place in a well-rounded fitness program!⁠

At OPEX Franklin, we like to refer to strength work as “Patterns” and aerobic work as”Pacing.”⁠

💪🏾 Patterns represents resistance training to build control, muscle endurance, and strength in the fundamental movement patterns: squat, bend, lunge, push, pull and core. These movements are at the core of all human movement, and are essential for daily living.⁠

🚴🏼‍♀️ Pacing represents aerobic work that is designed to improve your capacity and the coordination of your heart, lungs, and muscles. With the goal of longevity, this translates to learning to pace for a lifetime of movement!⁠

Ready for your Patterns and Pacing fitness program? Click the link in bio to get started with OPEX Franklin!⁠

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