Check out these ‘cool’ Dailys at Franklin Wine and Spirits located at: 3961 Lebanon Rd., Lebanon TN.
🍹 Craving a refreshing frozen cocktail? Look no further! Introducing Dailys Frozen Cocktail – the ultimate summer treat in three delicious flavors! 🌴🍓🍊
🍹 Margarita: Experience the perfect blend of tangy lime and premium tequila, all in one icy sip. The classic Margarita flavor will transport you to a tropical paradise! 🌴✨

🍹 Mango Margarita: Dive into a tropical oasis with the tantalizing taste of sweet, juicy mangoes mixed with a zing of lime and tequila. 🥭🌴🍹 Savor the flavors of summer with every delightful sip! 🌞🍹

🍹 Wild Berry Margarita: Embark on a flavor adventure with the luscious fusion of wild berries, tangy lime, and tequila. Let the vibrant colors and irresistible taste of this cocktail take your taste buds on a wild ride! 🌈🎢
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