Death is a reality. Anyone who knows the word PROBATE knows it carries a lot of emotions. I have had the privilege to represent many clients who have had to sell property after someone has passed away. It’s a HARD PROCESS!

Imagine having to handle all the legal affairs of your loved one while grieving…this is the world of PROBATE…..It’s OVERWHELMING if you do not have someone to guide you through the process.

I feel called to offer this service on even greater level. Knowledge is power and educating and serving people in the world of real estate is my passion.

Today I received my certification in this specialized area of real estate🙏🏽💙

Beginning in 2023 I will be offering seminars, along with my legal team, to educate you and your friends and family on what to do to prevent pit falls when it comes to your home and affairs upon death and how you can make sure your loved ones know what to do.

I’ll be sharing more details on Estate Planning and Probate seminars in a few weeks so that you can make it a priority in 2023 to get your affairs in oder.

One thing I’ve learned this year is TIME IS SHORT! You are not promised tomorrow. Let’s work together to ensure you understand what to do to make it easier for your loved ones when you exit this life. It’s important 🦋💙🦋

If you or anyone you know is facing Probate, I’m here to walk with you. Call me🦋 ##nashvillerealtor #tnrealtor #exprealty #nashvillerealestate #movetotn #AdrienneLyonsRealtor #FranklinTN