Do you want a stronger spine? I often hear clients say that they have a weak back or their “back goes out”. To keep the spine healthy, you have to intentionally strengthen all the tissues surrounding and supporting the spine.
I ask these clients if they are doing anything to strengthen the muscles around the spine, and the most common response is “not really.”
Many people are afraid to use their back in exercises/movements or to even stray from neutral. Others might use weight belts as artificial support. You have to use it or you will lose it, but you must be intentional in what you do. Just because you are holding a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a house. It comes down to how you use the tools that matter. While many people think that they will strengthen their back while doing squats or deadlifts, and that might be true to an extent, most are not doing anything specific enough to appropriately challenge the tissues (strengthening the full contractile lengths) directly supporting the structure of the spine. The spine does 4 motions: flexion, extension, sidebend, and rotation and most of these motions are combined in various positions. Most people who suffer from pain and arthritis have poor muscle function. You need to be a good participant in the process of exercise and aging. Good health doesn’t happen by accident. (Photo of spine credit: F. Netter) #resistancetrainingspecialist #franklintn #muscleactivationtechniques #personaltraining #nashvilletn #sportsperformance #isophit