Dr. Heidi has been helping pregnant moms for 18 years and is certified in Webster’s Pregnancy Technique, which is a specific analysis of the sacrum and pelvis and a chiropractic diversified adjustment if indicated.

The goal of this analysis and adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral/pelvic subluxation or misalignments, helping to balance⚖️ the pelvis, helping to restore proper movement and nerve function🥳

As chiropractors, we do not reposition or turn babies, but a positive side effect of a balanced pelvis is that baby will often be able to more freely move and get into an ideal head down position if they were transverse or breech.

Moms also love that getting adjusted while pregnant helps with low back/hip pubic symphysis pain they may be having when we remove interference to their nerves.

Moms who get adjusted report more enjoyable & active pregnancies and better birth outcomes!!🥳🥳🥳

If you’re pregnant and are suffering- you don’t have to be!
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