Fitness can FIT anyone’s life, and we’re here to make fitness simple for YOU!⁠

Through a step-by-step approach, we’ll help you incorporate these basic principles into your lifestyle:⁠

✅ Resistance training that is aligned with your capabilities and resources⁠⁠

✅ Full body training for functional strength⁠⁠

✅ Aerobic work that improves your ability to breath and move efficiently through life⁠⁠

✅ Movement outside of the gym, whether going for a walk, riding a bike, or playing in the park⁠⁠

✅ Nutrition and lifestyle behaviors to support recovery, energy, and vitality⁠

✅ Measuring success not by sweat, suffering, or intensity, but by your ability to be consistent over your lifetime!⁠⁠

Say goodbye to overwhelming fitness programs and find simplicity and consistency at OPEX Franklin.⁠

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