For awhile now my friend @trisha_aldrup and myself @johntraynortn have been throwing around ideas for a way to give back to this amazing Middle Tennessee community that has given us so much. Trisha and I hail from different coasts and both landed here with our families. We all fell in love with the incredible southern hospitality and friendly nature of the people. We discussed ways to say thanks! So what started out as a simple statement.. “I’d love to buy everyone here a cup of coffee “ turned into this! This morning we went to @1819coffee and set out to buy everyone who came in a cup. Part of us thought this might be silly. It was amazing! We connected with people we may never have met otherwise and had lovely conversations about this area and what it means to all of us. We hope this @coffeeonusnashville will be an opportunity for people to meet, chat and express gratitude for this area, coffee and whatever else comes up! Meet us next Friday 9-10:30 at @1819coffee and join the party! We like to thank @alyciawhite and @jennyeversole for being our first interactions. Talking to them convinced us that this was a great idea! And if you need photography done please check out @cbphotography__ Let’s keep this going! #nashville #franklin #franklintn #coffee #coffeeshop #payitforward #tennessee