*Friday, June 30th 8pm* Watermelon Slim LIVE
One of the many monumental happenings in his decades-long career: Watermelon Slim set a record with his band The Workers for the most consecutive Blues Music Awards in history, with 12 in two years. For perspective, they beat out B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Robert Cray on this one.

It’s hard to say which came first with Slim – life or the blues.

Far from a cushy existence, this man’s resume reads as much like he’s a king of the blue collar as he is a king of the blues. He farmed watermelons (yep, that’s how he got his name,) served in Vietnam, worked as a long-haul trucker, forklift operator, sawmiller, collection agent, funeral officiator, and firewood salesman.

But for Watermelon Slim, it’s the blues that transcend all else. Through the riffs and the musical highs and lows, Slim squeezes out every ounce of passion, pain and heartache. His music tells the stories in the how as much as the why.

Watermelon Slim will be at Fox & Locke June 30 to play some gut-wrenching, world class blues!!

Get your tickets while they last….


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