Happy Sunday Friends!
2023 is treating me well so far! It’s going to be a year busy with real estate, family and lots of traveling! Billy has a pretty intense schedule this year – which is so exciting! And in order for us to spend some time together, I will have to hop on a plane and go visit…. which I’m SO looking forward to! We are back to the life we have lived till March 2020, where the world came to a stop! FINALLY!!!

And talking abut traveling, I’m currently in Milan, Italy, helping my mom! The clock of life…. parents care for their children until it’s time for their children to care for them! And the time to care for my mom is now and I’m glad I’m able to do so with the support of my family, friends, co-workers and God!

But my real estate business never stops! No matter where I am! So if you have any question or need anything just reach out! I’d love to help!

And remember, the best way to support a small business like mine is to share it and refer it to your friends! If you know anybody who is need of any real estate services – buying, selling or investing – send them my way! You know I’ll take GREAT care of them!
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