Happy Throwback Thursday, Friends!!

Time to nostalgically revisit the past to celebrate how far we’ve come!

Da Duncan is on the bottom: Puppy mill rescue. Minimum human contact for the first 5.5 years of his life. Works every single day on his social anxiety; his family celebrates every single time he approaches any human for just a “slight sniff” before backing away. Had to learn treats, grass, being in a house, the dark, and gigantic bravery to lie on/use anything that smelled like it might belong to another dog. Originally stained from chest to bottom, he’s developed a beautiful coat. Toughest challenge will always be his teeth; he’s worn quite a bit of enamel off from chewing crate wires, but we work on that, too, with prescription chunks to chew, treated water, and teeth brushing. His jam is forever and always will be his Momma. Loves things that stay the same. Oh, and jerky treats. Our beloved squirrel hunter and his beautiful Momma’s precious boy.

Da top is Max. He entered rescue when his previous single parent Momma found herself working punishingly long hours. If you knew Max, you can only imagine how hard those hours must have been. For his open-hearted self, every stranger is an expectant new friend. Does not like the car; but still tries to get into every one he sees (parked), because he’s always hopeful for an adventure. Leads the pack on walks. Defies gravity any and every time he can. Not a fan of big dogs, but falls hard for any little dog. His favorite jam is toys, toys, toys, and playing fetch with his balls. And being held like a baby while giving you the “stare of devotion” (see photo if you doubt).

Hugs all’round, Friends!

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