Have you heard the news about chocolate?!! 😥

I knew that chocolate contains heavy metals, and have actually seen high cadmium and lead in those who consume it a lot, and now we have additional info.

Consumer Reports released its findings after studying many brands. Here is just a bit of what they reported: For 23 of the bars tested, eating just ONE OUNCE a day would put an adult above the levels of CADMIUM [Cd] and/or LEAD [Pb] that public health authorities say may be harmful.

Keep in mind that public health folks tend to minimize the risks of toxins on our health, undervaluing the effects of all of our chronic exposures to multiple chemicals and toxins.

In modern times, we are NEVER just exposed to one toxin [think about the air, the nasty chemicals people spray on their yards, the water, the toxins in foods…just to name a few], the effects of eating chocolate on a regular basis can have negative health impacts.

Examples: nervous system problems, high blood pressure, immune system suppression, autoimmune and gut issues, kidney damage, and reproductive issues…and more…YIKES!!!

Among the organics [because I always recommend eating organic to minimize other toxins]:
😥Alter Eco was VERY HIGH in Pb
😥Hu was VERY HIGH in Cd
😥Theo and Green and Black were HIGH IN BOTH.

The safest [but NOT heavy metal-free, sadly] organic bars they tested were MAST and TAZA.

The Simple Truth Organic brand from Kroger was not tested.

Based upon this, I will definitely cut back on my dark chocolate intake to a RARE treat…al the while hoping that a truly clean organic chocolate brand emerges!

What about you? How will this information change your life?
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