Here are 5 tips for caring for your lawn this winter!❄

1. )Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic.
When your lawn is frosted or dormant, try to avoid walking on it too much. Even strong grass can become weak if the same path is walked over too many times.

2.) Clean it up
It is extremely important not to leave debris, leaves, or toys out on the lawn. These things can smother the grass, create disease conditions, and invite insects, mice, and other damaging pests.

3.) Avoid Salt Damage
De-icing products that contain salt may damage nearby grass by leaching into it. This is likely to cause “physiological drought,” a condition that impedes nutrient uptake and creates bare spots.

If the ground isn’t frozen, winter is the perfect time to sweeten acidic soil with a little lime. You can determine your soil’s pH with a soil test.

5.)Maintaining Equipment
If you didn’t have time to do it in the fall, give your mower a good cleaning and tightening. Repair or replace parts as needed.

Now is a good time to sharpen the mower blades so they can cut cleanly. Dull ones can tear rather than cutting the grass cleanly, leaving grass blades jagged and susceptible to disease, or even tear the crowns away from the roots, leaving bare patches.

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