Hey everyone. It’s me and Max…

We just wanted to stop for a second to say a huge, “Thank you” for your cards and gifts to us over the holiday season. Our Mom hopes that, soon, she will be able to send personal cards of thanks.

Sadly, our Dad is in the hospital. Our family is so thankful that he was able to be home during the holidays, even though it took much care to keep him feeling up to it.

Everyone has been just lovely to check in and remember us.

Especially, we are so thankful to our BFF Nigel (@sirnigelunderfoot) and his family (our Mom and Dad’s daughter/son-in-law), who helped to keep us on Insta while our Mom was taking care of our Dad.

Thank you, too, to Nigel’s Mom and Dad who took us for walks and car rides when our Mom had to stay home with our Dad.

Thank you, also, to Nigel’s Dad who stayed with our Dad so often to give our Mom a break to hang out and spend time with Nigel’s Mom.

We are so thankful to Max’ family (@max.ky.westie); they’ve stayed in touch by text and phone. Being precious support. Our Mom sends love to your Mom and Dad.

Our Mom sends love and hugs, too, to Saskia (@westie_taps @donut_around_the_world) and Brad (@b_scott95) for staying in touch with our Mom so very patiently. Often to do nothing more than to say, “We are here and thinking of you.” And for keeping our Mom smiling via messenger at the exact moments when she needed to smile.

We will be around. Often, our Mom is still trying to read your posts and keep up. She misses everyone and feels so far behind, but she finds that reading your posts gives her balance.

We hope everyone had a brilliant holiday season. We are thankful for you.

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