Hi! I’m the Epicure of Franklin, TN. Self-proclaimed food critic and definitely a bit of a food snob concerning ingredients I use in my kitchen. But I’m only “snobby” in the sense that I truly care what enters into mine and my family’s bodies. However, I make exceptions…I have a sweet tooth 🧁, I will eat at restaurants that might not use the best ingredients, I relax about what I eat while traveling, and I think it’s important to eat the food provided in someone else’s home. ❤️

This account will be focused on others’ creations that were made with care and intention, simple foundational food from local farms, and how to nourish oneself.

On a personal level – I’m a wife and a mother with a toddler and one growing inside of me. My background is in holistic medicine and I love to focus on nourishment. We recently moved to Franklin and absolutely love it here. The above picture was my attempt last night at baking a hearth bread. I just started learning how to bake bread. I decided to pick up my favorite bakery’s book and bake each recipe one at a time. 🍞🥖

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