How we have lived in @lovelyfranklintn for almost three years and never done this!! Whiskey and Bourbon tasting after a really cool, informative tour of the ever impressive @lfdistillery 🥃 We met “Ginger”, their stunning copper swan-neck still, were instructed on why we should always “chew before swallowing”, how drips of water expand the depths of flavor in the glass and the great lengths Leipers Fork Distillery goes to finish each bottle – by hand (label to cork) – while maintaining the integrity of the pre-prohibition era. Including their cabin, 200+ years of history and all. And of course, being able to share one of our favorite spots to frequent with our family – and even a bit of snow – made it all the more special!
You may have seen a lot of their products in our pictures (too many to include here) and rightfully so, they have a prominent place at our bar with their candles strewn about our apartment – their coffee brewing on automatic every morning, their maple syrup topping quite a few things this season… It’s not just a drink, it’s a true experience; an elegant reminder of our past, of Tennessee and of its wonderful people. You don’t have to live here to enjoy their award-winning Bottled In Bond liquor; their bottles are also sold online. We love their sweet Bourbon, especially 🥰