I have unexpected openings starting in January.

I would come in during our time and help get the house in order, to prep meals, to put always dishes and run or wash all dishes in sink. To fold or start some laundry, to help with bedtime/ naptine (infant or toddlers), and to get parents a bath or showered. Basically to help be extra hands during the stress and when I leave it will be like a little “fairy” has come and left you a ready to enjoy home.

Somethings I can do:
Prep meals
Wipe counters
Prep homeschool activities
Infant/ toddler sleep
Lactation/ infant feeding
Herbals baths
Straigten up rooms
Open heart and listening ears
Rythem and routines
And more

Qualifications :
Postpartum doula
Birth doula
Certified aromatherapist
Certified gentle baby led sleep specialist and well-being support
Child development degree
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