I know we talk a LOT about the power of sex and intimacy over here, BUT…

It’s important that I also talk about the flip side of things: fulfillment in life and your marriage doesn’t come from sex. [Save & share for a healthier marriage.]

Sex is a good thing, but it’s not a ‘god’ thing. When it’s placed as a ‘god’ thing, or as the ‘ultimate’ thing, we really lose sight of why it was designed.

Equating sex and fulfillment in life is typically when we see idolatry and brokenness occur. Men tend to struggle with this more often than women, using sex as an excuse to leave their spouses, to have affairs, or to justify their addiction to p*rnography.

It was so important to us in “The Sex & Intimacy Project” to talk about the danger of idolizing sex within your marriage. While intimacy was created by God to bond you and your spouse, it is not *the* most important thing in your marriage.

We know that sexual addiction isn’t talked about much, but it is a significant problem that I see occurring in many marriages today.

If you’re wondering if you, or your spouse, are addicted to sex, take a minute to evaluate your heart and ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I sexually addicted to porn or addicted to sex with my spouse?
2. Do I need sex every single day, or often enough to make my spouse feel uncomfortable, to feel fulfilled and satisfied?

The Bible tells us that nothing on earth will fulfill us like Jesus. Jesus was fully and completely satisfied in his life while abstaining from sex for the entirety of His life. If we look to worldly things, we will continue to chase the wind trying to find what truly brings us joy, because true everlasting joy is only found in Jesus.

Remember: if sex were the key to happiness, the prostitute would be the happiest person in the world.

If you and your spouse are struggling with intimacy or just want a deeper understanding of what biblical intimacy looks like, The Sex & Intimacy Project is making an impact in marriages all over the world. (Link in bio!)

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