I recall so many moments, especially as a new mom, when Jesse would walk in the door and I would immediately unload on him about all of the hardship of my day and how exhausted and stressed out I was. [Save/share for biblical marriage encouragement when you need it most. 🖤] ⁣

I’d hand the kids over to him, with a sense of resentment because he got to feel like a human being that day – without kids hanging all over him – and I was the poor, victimized mom. There’s much to say about what God has done in my heart in no longer seeing myself as a victim of my motherhood (I’ve recorded plenty of podcast episodes about this), but it was wild to see the transition within our marriage once I stopped “greeting” him at the door that way. ⁣

Nobody wants to dread coming home. Not your husband and not your wife. Nobody wants to be unloaded on as soon as they walk in the door. How is that restorative or healing for either of you? It isn’t. The restoration from your day comes when you love one another as Christ loved the church – selflessly and graciously. You seek each other out first thing and show your spouse that they are a priority to you. Everything else can wait, including the kids. ⁣[I talk about more ways to love your spouse like Jesus on my “The Wife Project” Course-link in bio.]

This is your moment, every day, to look them in the eyes and say to one another: “I see you, I love you, we are a team and we’re in this together. We both had our own stressors today, but Jesus leads us in love so that we can lead our family in love.” ⁣

Take these few minutes every day to choose one another. And watch it change your marriage. 🖤