I represented sellers with a beautiful private backyard space. It had an amazing entertaining area and outdoor fireplace that took up a large portion of the backyard.

I knew this neighborhood well, including the ins-and-outs of the HOA and ARC committee. So when I heard we were getting an offer from buyers that wanted a pool, I knew I needed to explain the process for getting a pool in this neighborhood. The rules and regs changed in this neighborhood regarding pools and I couldn’t sleep at night knowing these folks were offering based largely on the idea of putting in a pool.

The process to get approval for a pool in this particular neighborhood can typically take a few months. I personally called the HOA president, explained the situation, and pleaded for a quick approval. After equipping the buyer’s agent with all the contacts, the processes, etc… they submitted plans (prior to placing an offer) and the pool request was denied (and not over a month time period, this was over a few days).

Because of this denial, they no longer wanted to put in an offer on the house. But, I’m quite persistent and really wanted to try to find a way to make this work. I knew the buyers loved the house and I wanted to try my best to work for the sellers to make this the home that fit the needs of these particular buyers. All that was missing was the pool!

The buyers had another denial after a second approval was submitted. So, after getting approval from the buyer’s agent to assist…I called the HOA president, met with him in person, called the city storm water manager, met with them both in person and had them walk the property for their expert opinions on placement. There were some complex pieces to the backyard in regard to drainage and placement.

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