If you are looking to improve mobility, flexibility and performance try to improve how well your muscles contract. Getting “looser” or trying to randomly pull on tissue does not achieve this. Usually tight muscles are overworked due to the fact that other muscles are not able to fully shorten and contract.
Mashing on tissue is not the answer, and what exactly are you stretching? How much is too much? “Stretching” has only proven to make you weaker.
If you were about to drive a race car 120mph on the track, would you rather them loosen the bolts on the car or tighten them?
Range of motion is a side effect and is never as important as strength and stability. When you increase strength and stability by restoring tension in the body where is has been lacking, your nervous system will give you all the range of motion your body will allow.
The nervous system is very purposeful when it generates tension in the body, usually as a natural protective mechanism. Working with the body and not against it is the way to go for lasting results and optimized performance! #muscleactivationtechniques #isometrics #personaltraining #intelligentexercise #franklintn #nashvillefit