Important info from Williamson Co. Emergency Mgmt.

Middle Tennessee still faces sub-freezing temperatures through the weekend, and Tennessee Valley Authority officials anticipate increased residential demand on the electrical grid as people get home from work this evening and also around 8:30 tomorrow morning.
•TVA asked businesses and the public to help by immediately reducing electric power use as much as possible without sacrificing safety. Through these measures implemented today, TVA was able to reduce the overall demand load by 5% and stabilize the power grid for now.
•In the holiday spirit, TVA asks the public to help by voluntarily reducing electrical consumption as much as possible through the weekend to keep the grid stable:
•Turn off and unplug non-essential appliances and idle electronics.
•Set your thermostat to 68 or lower.
•Bundle up and keep warm with clothing and blankets.
•Close doors and vents in unused rooms.