In honor of National Veterinary Appreciation Day we would like to show our appreciation to all Veterinarians and being awareness to the movement “Not One More Vet”.

One out of 6 Veterinarians has considered suicide, according to studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While male Veterinarians are 1.6 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, female Veterinarians are 2.4 times more likely, and 80% of Veterinarians are women.

Not One More Vet is a non-profit organization that started out as a private facebook group created by CEO Dr. Nicole McArthur after world-renowned Veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin took her own life. Her 2014 death shook the Veterinary community and brought the longstanding problem out of the shadows.

Not One More Vet’s mission is to provide support to every single Veterinary professional so that the world doesn’t lose one more. They provide online peer support as well as education. The site offers a comprehensive set of resources, including suicide hotlines, and most importantly, an online community for Veterinarians and support staff.
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