Introducing The Reading Club! (Of course I made a logo bc of who I am as a person)

In 2023, one of my goals is to expand my community. So what better way than talking about books! (if we are already friends you can still join, duh)

šŸ‘inspired by @clairefromonlineā€™s book club and canā€™t wait to see what happens with this

(for now, things could change, this is new to me)

āœØmeet the first Wednesday of the month to talk about the books we read in the previous month

āœØeach person will have a chance to choose where we meet (unless someone wants to host! My 700 sq ft apt says probably not me).

āœØmust live in the greater Nashville area unless you want to commute (kudos if you do)

And thatā€™s it! The goal is get reading recs form each other, have discussion, and have fun!

If you are interested in joining- DM me and I will make a group DM of all of us šŸ˜Š

Tagging Nashville area grammers who might be interested & out of town friends who could spread the news: