It takes a major life event to slow me down!⁠
Every day is an adventure. I love life and all that God has for me. My mom says I work too much and I’m always so busy. But I like it that way- I love what I do and I am never bored!⁠

A couple months ago I went for a regular exam and then several tests later, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 😳⁠

The truth is, I should have gone to this appointment 4 years ago! I put it off cause, well, it sounded awful. I even told my dr, “no thank you. That sounds awful”.⁠
But something in my spirit made me go this time.;-) I have realized that getting regular checkups- is a way to show you care for your loved ones. They want you around! So, go to that medical appointment you are putting off! Ok -🧼📦⁠

My cancer was caught early and we are hoping to get everything taken care of with just a couple surgeries. And in the end I get to trade in for an upgraded model. Haha!⁠

I am intentionally choosing.⁠

Choosing to keep my chin up, to look at the positive, to look at relationships and how I spend my time, to use this wake up call as a R E S E T.⁠

I’m sure I will have hard days and some of it will suck. But..⁠

I have faith in God, no matter what the outcome. None of us have tomorrow promised to us and with that I will live every day like it’s a gift. My prayer is this makes me a better person and that maybe God will use me in all of this. Jesus is my rock, my hope, and my peace. I will rest in him alone. ⁠

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” -Psalm 62:5-6⁠

My team is prepared to keep running our projects while I am out. I am so thankful for such awesome people to work with! And I know that I’ll be dreaming and scheming “Design” the whole time. Those of you that would, I thank you for your prayers!🙏💕