It’s so crazy that I have been a real estate agent for almost two years…

If you’re new here, here are some facts about me:)

🌈 I have two dogs, Frankie and Rosie, who are both mini cavapoos and I love them both dearly
🌈 I’m a Bible-believing, Jesus-following Christian. Jesus said above all to love him and love people. So that’s what I try to do.
🌈 Health is something I am passionate about. I was a personal trainer in college, and love eating nourishing foods.
🌈 Coffee shops > bars in my eyes
🌈 My favorite place to be is the beach and I plan on owning a condo at some point in the future.
🌈 I like to think I am pretty trendy. I try to keep up with all things fashion and stay ahead of trends (clothing and home decor)

So that’s a little bit about me! I love how this platform can allow all of us to connect and make new friends, so if we haven’t gotten a chance to know each other yet- don’t be shy! Comment or DM me because I can always use more friends!