Joe is a family man who does whatever he needs to support his crew in the best way possible. πŸ’ͺ He gets adjusted to stay healthy, destress, and get rid of pain. πŸ’₯

But, his journey at our PX Docs Office actually began with his beautiful Bella, 😍 who was 5 at the time.

Bella started having seizures and it was a terrifying and stressful process. πŸ˜” He said they felt so confused and didn’t want to go through the traditional medical route of relying on medications πŸ’Š with side effects.

So they turned to our PX Docs Office for help & answers, πŸ™ and that’s when their lives changed. Dad said he felt so confident in the Nervous System approach 🧠 because of Dr. Tony’s story with his son, the measurement tools, and the communication of exactly what to expect.

After Bella started care, they immediately noticed that she was sleeping better 😴 and since starting care, she had NOT A SINGLE SEIZURE since. πŸŽ‰

Soon after, each family member started care for different reasons but with the same goal to be a healthier version of themself.

Still today, the whole family continues to get adjusted together. Joe said it’s so comforting knowing they have somewhere to help with their health all around. In his words, we are β€œβ€˜cool people” 😝 and now β€œthey are more like family.” ✊

We’re so lucky that we get to be a part of this family and that they are part of ours. πŸ’―

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