Looking for an income producing property to invest your money in?

There are 82 people PER DAY moving to Nashville alone, and an anticipated 1 million people to move to the greater Nashville area in the next 20 years!

With all of this growth comes new businesses, new opportunities, and reason to invest:

πŸ’‘ GM is opening up a new factory in Spring Hill, TN that will bring 1,300 jobs to the city.
πŸ’‘ Oracle coming to Nashville and creating 8,500 jobs
πŸ’‘ Brand new professional soccer stadium, Geodis Park, just opened
πŸ’‘ Proposal for expansion of Nissan Stadium and talks of hosting the Super Bowl
πŸ’‘ 20 year average of 2x the appreciation on houses as compared to the national averages

If that isn’t enough to convince you: come visit and decide for yourself. I would love the chance to show you around my beautiful city.

Shoot me a message if investing in Nashville might be on your radar in 2023 ⭐️