Meet Her Haven’s newest ambassador: @hayleydoster 🎉

I am so thrilled to introduce you guys to my super sweet friend, Hayley!

A few fun facts about Hayley… 👇🏽

▫️Hayley is a child of God, wife, and a stay-at-home mama!

▫️Hayley has an accounting degree, but she grew up taking vocal lessons and initially went to college on a vocal performance scholarship (and friends, this girl can sing).

▫️Speaking of singing… Music is her heartbeat – She loves it so much! Hayley has served in worship ministry for ten years now. She will sit in her vehicle until a favorite song is done, worship out loud in the car like she’s in God’s House, and even jam out in the middle of a store if a good song is on.

▫️Hayley loves all things girly. She loves a good neutral, yes, but considers glitter her favorite color. And if something comes in pink, then that is the color she’ll choose every time. I also can’t forget to mention her love of sparkly statement earrings, or jeans paired with a cute pair of heels!

▫️Hayley (the Doster fam in general) is a UT Vols fan (GBO 🧡)!

▫️Hayley is married to her kindergarten boyfriend, Jake. In her words, “I have the most beautiful love story that God designed and orchestrated throughout the course of our lives, literally!” While they didn’t spend their entire childhood together, they know that God used their time apart to grow them into the people He needed them to be before they eventually got married and started their sweet family!

Having Hayley join the Her Haven ambassador team is such a joy! I am so thankful for this sweet friendship, and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know Hayley better (you’ll be hearing more from her in the upcoming weeks and months, friends)!


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