Meet one of Her Haven’s newest ambassadors: @jenniferedewaard 🎉

I’m so excited to finally introduce you guys to my sweet friend, Jennifer!

A little bit about Jennifer…👇🏽

She is an author, speaker, and bible study teacher. She is in a relentless pursuit of Jesus, exalting Jesus in the trek, passionate about bringing Jesus to the highest of heights.

She is here to ignite gospel fires, to tell His story, of His goodness, no matter the terrain, and hold fast to the one true source.

Her heart is on fire to equip and edify women, pressing in together, to encounter the knowledge and the fullness of God as we live, seek, and stand in Christ alone.

Three more facts about Jennifer:

▫️She was born in Italy.

▫️She is a special needs mom and a homeschooling mom.

▫️She loves the mountains and is currently living in Colorado.

I am thrilled to have Jennifer as a member of the Her Haven team! Our friendship is truly a testament to just how good God is, and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know her better!

Make sure to follow her not just for the Her Haven promo code she’ll share, but for all of the even more amazing reasons listed above in this post! You’ll quickly see just how amazing she really is!


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