MEET THE WRITERS // Brodie Hutchins is a guitarist, songwriter and singer out of Franklin, TN. He has had a guitar in his hands as long as he could walk and has been writing and playing songs for more than 40 years. Growing up around great music and great players inspired him to want to play everything from Eric Clapton to Van Halen to Alabama.
At the young age of 12, Brodie began playing in cover bands and learning everything from pop to rock to country. Shortly after joining the cover band scene, he and his pals formed a Christian rock band and began playing churches, fairs and festivals.
While most aspiring artists pack their dreams and head for Nashville, Brodie packed his guitar and went to college and then to graduate school to pursue a more traditional career path. During this time, he continued to play in bands, write music and play in various projects. His most recent project was the band Next 2 Nothing based out of Nashville and Pennsylvania. They released three recordings and shared the stage with the likes of Michael W. Smith, the Newsboys, For King and Country and Jeremy Camp.
For the last few years (and while continuing to perform his traditional career which now includes the role of professor of graduate MBA studies), he continues to write and perform music with a variety of artists, fills in for bands of many styles ranging from rock to country to pop and plays in church worships bands.
His passion continues to be writing songs that are filled with the heartfelt truth, wit and musicianship to inspire others. #The4040Presents #FranklinTN #CCM #MusicCity #SingerSongwriter