MEET THE WRITERS // Jaren LaGore is an 18 year old singer songwriter from the small town of Flushing, Michigan. She grew up with music in her life since she was young and with God at the center of it all. At the age of 5 Jaren started piano, and by the age of 6 added guitar to her musical vocabulary as well. Later in life she began learning the viola, not choosing the violin because her younger sister was already the violin prodigy of the family. Jaren wrote her very first song at the age of 7, and since then has written over 250 songs.

Jaren first came to TN pursuing a solo career in secular pop music, little did she know that God had much more in store for her, a path that involved 3 other crazy talented girls that loved the Lord. Jaren knows that this band is completely from God, she was not looking or even expecting to be leading a Christian band, especially a Christian girl band, yet it fell into her lap at the perfect time with the perfect people. She can’t wait to keep growing in her faith and in her relationship with her bandmates. Jaren’s goal has always been to bring wandering hearts to the Lord through music, and now this band has given her even more of an opportunity to spread the light of Jesus. #The4040Presents #CCM #SingerSongwriter #FranklinTN #MusicCity