On one hand, Logan had absolutely no fear of getting hurt or perception of danger,❗️and at the same time, had no sensation of pain, ⚡whatsoever. A scary combination for any parent who is always trying to protect their kiddo from harm.

One day he came up to his mom, Jacqui, at a party and was absolutely covered in blood. 🩸 But, when you’d think he’d be upset because he was hurt, Jacqui knew Logan was having a completely different response.

He wasn’t crying or hurting…but rather, he was only overwhelmed and frustrated 😖 by the fact that his hands felt wet.

From baby on, Logan’s sensory processing system was so stressed that some senses were too much for him (like light 💡 and touch) and other senses he didn’t feel at all. Like pain and the sensation of going to the bathroom. 🚽

Logan was beyond preschool age and still wasn’t potty trained. Not because his incredible parents didn’t do everything they could to help him get there, but because his body was not feeling the physiological cues 🧠 to know that he had to go to the bathroom.

After endlessly searching for answers and advocating for their kiddo, Mom attended a Perfect Storm 🌪️ workshop. She said she finally understood exactly what he was experiencing in an entirely different context than she’d ever heard before. She knew in her gut that Logan needed Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care right away.

They knew this approach was working for Logan when just 3 weeks into care, he turned to her and said, “Momma, I gotta go potty.” 🤯 They were completely blown away that his brain was sensing something it never had before. And proud momma moment 😍 – he actually went on the toilet!

From there, the wins continued to cascade. 🎉 Besides learning how to use the bathroom, Logan started becoming happier, more relaxed, regulated, and engaging with others so much better.

And now, as a teen, his life looks completely different. 💙 With continued care, he is thriving and growing into the very best version of himself. And Intelligence is an understatement for this young man! 😀Watch out, world. He’s going to be creating some major impact! 🚀

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