Our Luna Halo necklace features a stunning floating halo setting with a 6mm center keepsake stone! πŸ’Ž We have a matching ring and earrings for this piece too! The stone in this particular photo I took is actually made with MY very own breastmilk and finely crushed opals mixed in! 😍☺️ I can make a keepsake stone out of almost any keepsake you can think of – breastmilk, formula, dried flowers, placenta capsule, dry umbilical cord, hair, ash, sand from a special beach, dirt from a grave, a piece of fabric, wedding bouquet flowers, wedding dress fabric…. Or a combo of anything special to you! The possibilities are truly endless 🀍 #breastmilkjewelry #breastfeeding #keepsakejewelry #motherhood #keepsakejewellery #breastmilkjewellery #franklintn