Preparing for Postpartum Healing

No matter what your birthing journey looks like, it’s important for all mamas to be prepared for postpartum healing. You and baby are just beginning to navigate these new, beautiful stages together and it’s so helpful to have a plan in place ahead of time so you can both recover and adapt as needed.

1. Nourish your body. It’s so important to maintain healthy eating to help promote healing. Opt for whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein. Bone broths and healthy fats are also important additions to your diet!

2. Manage postpartum stress + enhance your body’s natural ability to heal through chiropractic care.

3. Ask for and accept help! Friends and family can be helpful by assisting with preparing meals, running errands, or caring for other children in the home.

4. REST! It can be tempting to get right back into the swing of things, but your body needs time. We love the 5-5-5 rule of resting – 5 days in your bed, 5 days on your bed, and 5 days around your bed, which gives you two solid weeks of intentional rest.

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