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AFTER Gracie made her video ”A Cry for Help” public with horrific accusations against her father, 10 people gave sworn declarations in support of her abuser. The common refrain was that they were doing it out of love for Gracie.

Imagine being told that someone is supporting your abuser out of love for you.

And now…now the truth is out, what will they do?

#10 Pam Stephens – Will she apologize for cozying up to a child molester while treating Angie so horribly? Will she tell Angie what really happened to Grant’s clothes and who ordered it?

#9 Paige Mills – Does she have any remorse for trying to silence a victim of a child molester? Or do her exorbitant legal fees cover any spark of conscience?

#8 Robbie Mason – Will he apologize publicly for forcing Gracie into the car with her abuser as he called her claims “old news?”

#7 Dan Huffines – What lies will he spin this time to try to justify his public support for the man molesting his own grandchild?

#6 Gary Hathcock – as the director of the Williamson County rec center, if a child claims abuse, believe them.

#5 Scott Erby – Gracie’s video has over 35k views. You didn’t listen? You didn’t believe her? You chose to make a public statement about what a great guy Aaron is instead? 🤢

#4 – Lori Cameron – Let it sink in what you did to Angie, Gracie and Grant.

#3 Ron Blanton – Now that you have a clear motive you can finally do your job and open Grant’s murder investigation.

#2 Steve Berger – For all your efforts, you didn’t silence anyone. We know what you did. Threatening people, publishers… now the truth is out.

#1 Aaron Solomon – Everything you said in your sham lawsuit will be used against you.
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