Standard family sessions means shopping for hours for a family wardrobe. Lugging all the kids in the car to get to a location on time before the sun sets too low. Potentially you’ve had to yell or lecture the whole ride to the session trying to force the kids to be on their best behavior. Now you spend an hour – potentially bribing – your family to cooperate for family photos because you’ve invested money time and effort and are desperate to have a decent shoot. You’re praying no one melts down too early in the shoot.

OR I can come to your home. You can wear what you usually wear, with little thought. And I can capture your family just spending time together. You might read, or laugh, or play, or dance. It will be the easiest session of your life. No bribes, no yelling. Low stress. Just loving one another. We have plenty of time because we’re not worried about a sunset. It’s all so easy.

1. Contact me
2. Pick your own payment schedule and date.
3. Fill out questionnaire

And we shoot! This works for photos only or both film and photos! Even dads are happy❤️❤️❤️